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Severe Concussion Symptoms in Etters, PA

Experiencing a concussion can be a life-altering event for many individuals. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the effects that this injury can have. At #ConcussedLife, our goal is to spread awareness of the impact that head injuries can have on people of all ages. We work to develop programs that educate sports teams and academic athletes of the potential for severe concussion symptoms in Etters, PA. Donate to our cause today to help us achieve our mission.

The Importance of Concussion Awareness

Concussions have been in the news lately, mostly due to their impact on high-impact sports like football and hockey. However, these devastating injuries have long affected the lives of athletes and regular individuals. Many people have experienced a concussion and did not even realize it until they began to see health effects. 

While athletes are at a higher risk of suffering a concussion than others are, it is important to remember that this injury does not discriminate. A simple slip and fall can lead to tragic effects and an increased risk of seizure. 

Unfortunately, a traumatic brain injury can lead to ongoing health issues later in life, even after an athlete has hung up his or her uniform. At our foundation, our focus is on helping to educate our young athletes of what severe concussion symptoms exist. By donating to our cause, you will help us provide information to sports teams and academic athletic programs about the causes and the potential impact that concussions can have.

Our Foundation

At #ConcussedLife, we want you to be aware of the devastating effects of concussions. We strive to bring concussion awareness to the forefront. We value your financial support as we raise money for education, research, and concussion recovery efforts. Our family-operated organization has firsthand experience of the traffic effects of head injuries. This experience has taught us how we can prevent concussions, what to expect after an injury, and how to proceed with recovery.

Mission Statement

To raise awareness, educate, and provide research for concussion recovery and to research the link between concussions and epilepsy.

Contact us in Etters, Pennsylvania, to contribute to our concussion awareness mission. Our foundation proudly operates nationwide.

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